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The best mountain hotels with a view in Switzerland

Updated: May 7, 2022

In Switzerland, you can stay in a random hotel and you will happy. But there are places higher up in the mountains with million-dollar views. Such hotels are the best for mountain photography, relaxation and the Swiss Alps experience. And the best thing is that these hotels are easy to access, so no mountaineering experience is needed. However, I would not go there with luggage. A backpack is better!

The list below is organised around some photography or travel topics, and all of these hotels or areas were visited and tested by us, so.. we know what we are talking about. These hotels are not the cheapest ones but also are not the most expensive in Switzerland (where the sky is the limit).

Steamship on Lake Lucerne

The best hotels for lake views

Switzerland has one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. This is probably something you did not consider, but mountains reflected in the water are a view to die for. You can think of large lakes like Bodensee, Lake Geneva (Lac Leman), Lake Lugano or Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) or medium ones like lakes in Engadin or near Interlaken to small, tiny mountain lakes - all of them are beautiful. Our top hotels to stay by the lakes are:

  1. Park Hotel Vitznau - the best lakeside hotel for Lake Lucerne

  2. Bürgenstock Hotels - the best spa hotel above Lake Lucerne

  3. Villa Honegg - the best hotel jacuzzi

  4. Villa Orselina, Locarno - a hotel for an Italian romance

  5. The View, Lugano - the best view of Lugano Lake

  6. Villa Emden, Ascona - if you want to stay on an island

  7. Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne - a hotel for a French romance

Sunrise at Grimsel Pass

The best hotels for epic car drives

in the Swiss Alps

So you want to park your Porsche in a decent place and let the brakes rest for a while. There are some good hotels with parking and comfortable beds waiting for you. For all the epic drives you probably want to spend your time around Furka Pass, Grimsel Pass, Susten Pass and Gotthard Pass.

  1. Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospiz, Guttannen - the best historic hotel in the Swiss Alps

  2. Grimsel Passhöhe, next to the previous one

  3. The Chedi, Andermatt - the most luxurious "pit stop" in Switzerland

3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, Zermatt

Hotels with the best mountain views

in Switzerland

The higher the better. If you want to wake up with the best mountain view in your life, we suggest picking one (or multiple) hotels from the list below. All of the hotels are fantastic for mountain and landscape photography and also astrophotography. By staying here, you are just a few meters from the best photography locations in Switzerland (and in the world).

  1. Fronalpstock, Stoos - the best hotel for sunrise and sunset

  2. Berghaus Diavolezza - the best hotel for Bernina Alps and glaciers

  3. Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl, St. Moritz - romantic chill with a splendid view

  4. Berggasthaus First, Grindelwald - the best mountain hotel for large groups

  5. Wengener Hof, Wengen - the best view of Lauterbrunnen valley

  6. Berghotel Schynige Platte, Interlaken - the best traditional hotel in Switzerland

  7. Hotel Pilatus-Kulm, Lucerne - the easiest to access mountain hotel in Switzerland

  8. 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, Zermatt - hotel located the highest in the Swiss Alps - glaciers, the Matterhorn, alpine views


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