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photography and mountains

Switzerland, especially the Swiss Alps, are somehow not yet discovered by photographers. Indeed, there are famous spots like Zermatt or Lucerne. But this is surprisingly too little for a country with such marvellous mountains. I want to encourage you to explore more, find new places and get unique photos.

The story behind...

I moved to Switzerland five years ago, looking for new experiences, careers and safety. I didn't even consider it until I hiked Rigi Kulm during a short business trip break in June. But after that one day, my priorities shifted. I have fallen in love with Switzerland, the Alps and cows. 

Surprisingly, I quickly discovered that just in our vicinity, there are places with marvellous views that no one had heard about, even our Swiss friends. So I started our exploration of Switzerland, and the weekend after the weekend, more spots for photos were found and visited. Today, markers from our bucket list cover nearly the entire map of the country. Some are great, some are fantastic, and some are just OK. The best ones, those verified and photographed, I want to bring to you.

maciej karpinski - avatar - portrait.png
Maciej Karpinski - the photographer and author

I know my Polish name is tricky, so "ma-che-k" or "magic" is the best way to pronounce it.

Job: Product Designer, Zurich, Switzerland

Hobby: Landscape photography and mountain biking
My favourite place in Switzerland is around Lake Lucerne
Swiss travel dream: a night in a tent on a glacier. 

Photography awards and honours


  • 2nd Place in Nature/Sunset in International Photography Awards

  • 2nd Place in Nature/Astrophotography in International Photography Awards

  • Silver in two categories in The Prix de la Photographie Paris

  • Bronze in Special in Night Photography in The Prix de la Photographie Paris

Honorable mentions in:

  • International Photography Awards

  • ND Awards

  • The Prix de la Photographie Paris - PX3 

  • Monochrome Photography Awards

  • Vienna Photo Awards

  • Monovision 

  • Swiss Photo Club Zurich (Jury Top 50)

  • Umbra Photography

  • Fine Art Photography Awards

  • 35 Awards - multiple categories

  • Pano Awards (bronze, silver and gold badges)

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