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Switzerland on a budget - travel tips by locals

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and Zurich and Geneva are the cities where you will pay the most in the world for a Big Mac (top of the Big Mac index). Well, yes, but not everyone in Switzerland drives a Ferrari, and tourism is still one of the main areas of the economy. So somewhere you can squeeze a few francs to save up and visit the country. It's not cheap, but you can visit Switzerland, travel on a budget and, while still paying attention to prices, get a lot of pleasure out of it. Because the most important thing is that the main attractions in Switzerland are actually free!

Of course, budget travel stands in a contrast to the image Switzerland creates among tourists. The most frequently seen advertisements are luxury mountain hotels, elegant restaurants and all other places with hefty prices. Spending a few thousand francs on a weekend is rather easy here.

On a contrary - you can have all the best of Switzerland experiences and still stay on a budget! And believe me, no one knows better how to save in Switzerland, than expats. So here is a guide written by someone who was counting every penny for a couple of months and was able to visit the best pl