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Best photography locations in Engadin

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Engadin, Switzerland, is a paradise for landscape photographers and hiking enthusiasts. With its stunning natural beauty, charming villages, and iconic landmarks, Engadin offers endless opportunities for capturing breathtaking images. Whether you're a professional photographer, a nature lover, an active adventurer, or an influencer seeking captivating content, Engadin will leave you awe-inspired. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best places in Engadin to visit with your camera, combining the joys of landscape photography and hiking.

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And now let's jump to the best photo spots in Engadin!

Morteratsch Glacier - photo location in Engadin

6. Morteratsch Glacier

Nestled in the heart of the Engadin region lies the Morteratsch Valley, home to one of the most iconic glaciers in the area. This breathtaking destination offers year-round access to well-maintained trails and an excellent restaurant. While the popular walk in the area leads to a relic of the glacier, photographers should head in a different direction. Just a short walk from the starting point, you'll find a wooden bench that offers a spectacular view of the valley. To enhance your photography experience, consider taking the trail leading to Boval Hut, which passes through another breathtaking location in the middle of the track.

Silvaplana Lake  - photo location in Engadin

5. Lake Silvaplana

Silvaplana Lake is a haven for photographers seeking diverse subjects in one location. From the bridge, you can capture stunning landscapes or photograph kitesurfers with majestic mountains in the backdrop. Don't miss the opportunity to photograph the castle Crap da Sass with steep peaks in the background. Explore the path along the lake, and you'll discover massive rocks that provide an ideal setting for portraits against the backdrop of the Engadin valley. Venture a little further to find a hidden waterfall, a picturesque gem waiting to be captured. For astrophotography enthusiasts, head to the shore of Lej da Champfèr for capturing the church tower of Silvaplana between the trees of the Penisla dal Piz peninsula.

Maloja Pass - photo spot in Engadin

4. Maloja Pass

he Maloja Pass offers a playful and iconic composition for photographers. The curvy road serves as a stunning foreground, while the solitary peak of the Cima di Rosso steals the show in the background. This spot is perfect for capturing sunsets, and the cliff is a favorite among photographers. Be sure to arrive earlier if you wish to photograph light trails and take caution after dark.

Lake Staz - photo location in Engadin

3. Lake Staz

Often overlooked by visitors to St. Moritz, Lake Staz is a hidden gem for photographers. The lake provides fantastic opportunities for sunrise photography, morning fog, and stunning reflections. Head to the eastern beach before sunrise to capture the small wooden pier and the reflection of the peaks Julier and Albana. As the sun rises higher, move to the western part of the lake to capture rays of light and the mystical fog. Patience is key to capturing the sunlight on the lake's surroundings, waiting a couple of hours after sunrise.

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Tarasp Castle - photo location in Engadin

2. Tarasp Castle

The Tarasp Castle stands majestically in the picturesque Lower Engadin region. Take a walk around the castle and explore the village and the nearby lake for additional photo opportunities. Capture the castle from the top of a small hill behind the parking area, or venture to the lower part of the village for compositions with stunning reflections.

Sils Lake  - photo location in Engadin

1. Lake Sils - a gem for landscape photography

Lake Sils is one of the most famous photography locations in Engadin, offering a splendid view of the lake with its peninsula as a leading line. This spot graces the cover of many photography books but can be crowded. Scout the area for the best compositions and explore different vantage points. Be prepared for a slightly challenging hike and steep slopes to reach the optimal photography spots. Take caution and avoid this location during winter and early spring due to avalanches.

Photography guide to the Engadin

If you want to explore deeply those locations and looking for a precise GPS coordinates, check our photography guide to the Engadin.

More photography locations and spots in Engadin wait to be discovered

Engadin, Switzerland, is a dream destination for landscape photographers, nature lovers, active adventurers, and influencers seeking captivating content. With its stunning glaciers, picturesque lakes, charming villages, and iconic landmarks, Engadin offers endless opportunities for breathtaking photography. Below you can find some photos taken in this area by me.

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