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The most instagramable and best photography spots in Switzerland
and in the Swiss Alps

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134 locations and spots described in
a series of photo guide e-books

All the best places for taking photos in Switzerland and in the Swiss Alps. From bustling cities, through historic old towns and pristine lakes, to sharp, rocky peaks and snow-covered glaciers.

We have been photographing Switzerland and the Swiss Alps since 2018 in every spare time we have. Simply, we love exploring and capturing this highly elevated part of the world. We have visited the most obvious touristic spots like Zermatt or Lucerne along with other locations popular on Instagram and in social media. However, despite checking spots of Swiss bucket list, we are constantly looking for new, interesting locations, ones even unknown even to most of Swiss people.


Joanne and Matt

Professional Photo Guide

Written by a photographer for other photographers and instragrammers.

Beautiful Locations and Hikes

Locations and spots are described in a way to give you the best possible experience on-site.

Lifelong Memories

Take back home memories in their best form - as beautiful photos from Switzerland and the Swiss Alps.

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Inside each e-book

Guidelines how to get to the photo spot

Everything you need to find the location, to get there safely and on time. Link to GPS location in Google Maps, walking distance from the nearest car park or public transport and difficulty rating.

The best time for photographing

You will find necessary information about timing that will make your photos unique. Months or time of the year and time of the day (sometimes even minutes). Also for particular locations there are suggested weather conditions. All example photos in the guide book have date in dd-mm format, so you know what to expect.

Tips for photographing in the location

What kind of photos you can take, what to look for and what kind of lens use for exact composition. All example photos have EXIF information: shutter speed, ISO, aperture.

Useful links to make your trip as easy as possible

Links to hiking maps with marked trails, nearest or recommended hotels, restaurants and local information that can be useful or even crucial.

Perfect addition
to any guidebook you own


LonelyPlanet, Rough Guides or Bradt are splendid in suggesting you where to go and providing basic information about Switzerland and places. What you can not find there is detailed information about hikes and spots that can give you the best souvenirs: your photos from a dreamed holiday in the Swiss Alps. 

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St. Moritz

Map with photo spots

Over 350 photo spots on a Google Map

Every spot is pinned to the map with +/- 10m precision. With that you can easily find the location and take similar shot or take a better one! I add only places that I have visited and photographed. 

Various locations across entire Switzerland

From alpine peaks, through glaciers, lakes, forests to small villages and historic towns. 

Landscape and travel photography inspiration

Photography spots are for landscape and travel photographers. Besides that, I also include spots for bird photography and insights about wildlife photography.

Photography guide books with the best spots in the Swiss Alps

Hikers and Travellers

Decide easier about where to go and what to see. Use provided maps and links to minimise hassle and travel risks.

Amateur Photographers

Maximise chances of taking fantastic photos by going to the right place just in time. Copy provided settings to learn photography.

Professional Photographers

Save time on planning, research and analysing maps. Make conscious decisions and know your alternatives.