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Your ultimate guide to...

The most instagramable and best photography spots in Switzerland
and in the Swiss Alps

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134 locations and spots described in
a series of photo guide e-books

All the best places for taking photos in Switzerland and in the Swiss Alps. From bustling cities, through historic old towns and pristine lakes, to sharp, rocky peaks and snow-covered glaciers.

I have been photographing Switzerland and the Swiss Alps since 2018 in every spare time we have. Simply, I love exploring and capturing this highly elevated part of the world. We have visited the most obvious touristic spots like Zermatt or Lucerne along with other locations popular on Instagram and social media. However, despite checking spots of the Swiss bucket list, I am constantly looking for new, exciting locations, ones even unknown even to most of the Swiss people.


Maciej Karpinski

everyone calls me "Magic"

Professional Photo Guide

Written by a photographer for other photographers and instragrammers.

Beautiful Locations and Hikes

Locations and spots are described in a way to give you the best possible experience on-site.

Lifelong Memories

Take back home memories in their best form - as beautiful photos from Switzerland and the Swiss Alps.

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