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15 most instagrammable places in Switzerland and popular photo spots

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Switzerland is not the first thought when it comes to a bucket list. But think about it for a while: the Swiss are among the happiest nations. Also, this is one of the cleanest and eco-friendly countries. Small, exceptionally well organised, located in the centre of Europe. With the most breathtaking views that you can access in minutes.

Believe me, if it is not on your list, you must be doing something wrong. But if you are planning your travel now, here are some ideas and hints from an insider. Just don't forget your camera and phone for this trip!

So below you have my 15 favourite spots for photos and Instagram. Order is more or less random!

The most photogenic spots for Instagram in Switzerland:

I have selected these spots based on their popularity on Instagram and among travel bloggers. Places from this list are easily accessible by public transportation or by car. Also, I have visited them multiple times and know them well.

Yes, someone might say it is nothing new. And I will agree with that. For new experiences and views, I constantly go to new places in Switzerland and take more and more challenging hikes. But if you have just a few days of your precious holidays, this list of 15 photo spots is nearly impossible to complete. Simply - more than enough!

Also, if you are still planning your trip, check when is the best time to visit Switzerland.

1. Luzern Old Town and Kapellbrücke Instagram spot

Luzern Chapel Bridge - instagram photo spot

First things first - be here either in summer, when the bridge is decorated with flowers and be here in the morning. This beautiful bridge with an old tower in the middle looks the best when hit by the sun before noon. If you have no luck with the weather, you can try taking some night shots.

Also, do not miss a walk on medieval walls and promenade.

2. Brienzer Rothorn ridge photography location - Bernese Oberland

Brienzer Rothorn - instagram location

This is one of the most famous ridge-walks in the world. And while the first part is relatively easy, the middle part requires some basic climbing skills and a very good head for heights. No matter what, you do not need to go there because the best spots for your Instagram are in the vicinity of the Brienzer Rothorn Hotel. Just follow the trails to one of two viewpoints.

You can reach this place from Sörenberg with a fast cable car, from Brienz by a steam train (1h ride, very noisy) or from Turren (cable car station in Lungern), which is a super lovely hike.

3. Grindelwald First - photography location

Grindelwald First - Instagram location

This is the place to go when you are visiting Grindelwald - the most popular resort in the Bernese Oberland. First is the upper cable car station and a hotel with a restaurant together. Here, photo spots are available literally once you leave the cable car. The cherry on top is the Instagram photo spot at the end of the Cliff Walk. Very instagrammable place!

This location works best in the late June afternoons when the sun hits the north wall of the Eiger. Just don't miss the last ride down!

Free eBook about photographing in Grindelwald First and Bachalpsee.

4. Seealpsee and Aescher - two best Instagram spots in Appenzell

Seealpsee lake - Switzerland best photo spots

Seealpsee Lake is located in the Alpstein area in Appenzell Innerrhoden, the western part of Switzerland. To reach this small, pristine lake, you need to sweat a little bit. But believe me, it is worth every calorie you burn. Even though walks in the Alpstein region are somewhat hard due to steep slopes and unstable ground, but here you will be walking on a concrete road unless you decide to visit Aescher Cliff Restaurant. Then I recommend taking a gondola up and walking down. The walk can be done in 3-4h. To walk a circular route, you need an entire day.

5. Vineyards in Rivaz - Terrasses de Lavaux

Rivaz, Vaud - instagram location

Vineyards near Rivaz and St. Saphorin are the most photogenic place in Vaud, the french-speaking part of Switzerland. This area looks spectacular the entire year and is easy to reach by car. The two small towns are charming and alpine peaks, and Lac Leman in the background make the scene genuinely unique.

September is the best moment to come here: grapes trees are still green, and there are vine festivals all around!

6. Lavertezzo - photo spot in Ticino

Lavertezzo, Ticino - Instagram spot

Let's take some photos of the southern part of Switzerland. Ticino is the area to go. And if we are talking about Instagram, we have to check one of the best spots there - Lavartezzo. This small village with a tall church tower is located above a gorge with crazy rock formations. It is easy to take a good photo here with leading lines and the church as the main subject. Also, check the waterfall next to the big road bridge. This Instagram location works best in late summer and during cloudy weather - especially after rain when rocks get more vivid colours and textures (but are very slippery then).


7. Harder Kulm - Interlaken, Bernese Oberland

Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau - view from Harder Kulm, Interlaken

Interlaken is maybe not the prettiest town in Switzerland, but it is for sure one of these resorts that are very convenient to reach. It is somehow a gateway to the high Alps, and its vicinity to numerous attractions gave it popularity. Speaking of which, the Harder Kulm, just above Interlaken, is the place to visit. An excellent Instagram spot (the best Instagram spot in Interlaken for sure) for sunset, a fondue pot or a glass of Aperol Spritz.

A funicular operates till late evening so that you can enjoy the view of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau even with the Milky Way above them.

Explore all the spots around Interlaken (Wengen and Lauterbrunnen are included)

8. Wengen - the fairy tale Instagram spot in Bernese Oberland

Wengen, Lauterbrunnen - photography location

Since we are around Interlaken, it is hard to miss the valley of Lauterbrunnen and the town of Wengen above it. In terms of spectacular views, Wengen sets the bar extremely high (even for Switzerland): waterfalls, a deep valley, meadows full of flowers, cows and wooden houses. This is the place you were dreaming of. And if it comes to photography and Instagram spots, the best ones are in the lower part of the town. The most instagrammable place in Wengen is near cogwheel rails by the meadow (look for Stadelmatta on a map). And if you want to go higher - think about the Jungfraujoch.

9. Monte Bre, Lugano - Ticino

I can not imagine a better place for a cup of morning cappuccino than the Monte Bre. With a beautiful view of Lugano, warm, southern weather and a good café, this is a place to start your day. You can reach it by car (though if you are not accustomed to driving narrow, steep roads, don't do that), by a bus and short walk from Bre or by a funicular from Lugano.

Views - you will not regret it. Also, it is a splendid spot for a romantic sunset!

10. Rigi Kulm - Luzern

Rigi Kulm - the most instagrammable places in Switzerland

The Mount Rigi was the most instagrammable mountain in Switzerland, even before Instagram or before the internet and photography. In fact, this is the place where mountain tourism started. In the Victorian epoch, Luzern and the Rigi were the places to go for the wealthy and royal. William Turner was so fascinated by the shape of this mountain that he spent days painting it from various angles (though legend says that he never climbed it). And yet - there it is.

Take a train and ride up to the top. This is where I usually take friends who visit me for a weekend in Switzerland - not challenging, easy, comfortable and with good views.

Best photography spots are around the antenna and on a walk down to the Rigi Staffelhöhe.

11. Oeschinensee, Kandersteg - Bernese Oberland

Oeschinensee - Kandersteg - the best places for Instagram in Switzerland

This unique lake has an oval shape on each side is surrounded by extremely steep slopes. There is even a vertical wall in its northern part. The next thing that will strike you is the colour of the lake - beautiful, light turquoise. While the southern part is for families and holidaymakers, you can take some good shots there if you are early. But the best views are reserved only for those who take the hiking trail higher above.

12. Saas Fee and Marmots - Valais

Marmot in Saas-Fee, Switzerland - photo spots

Marmots, even if they look fluffy and sweet, avoid humans. Once they spot you - puff - they are gone. But not in Saas-Fee. Here are two colonies that are tourist-friendly, and if you are patient enough, you might even feed them and pet them. Just bring some carrots.

13. Morteratsch Glacier - the best Instagram spot in Graubünden

Morteratsch photo location, Graubunden Switzerland

There are many more glaciers in Switzerland, but this one has the most picturesque surrounding. It is also easy to reach - 30 min walk from car park or train station. To get the best photos of it you can hike above glacier valley or stop by on viewpoint on your way to the Bernina Pass. The Morteratsch Glacier looks the best during late summer and autumn.

14. Riffelhaus 1853, Zermatt - Valais

Hotel Jacuzzi with Matterhorn view, Zermatt, Switzerland - Riffelhaus

If it comes to luxury travel, spa and jacuzzi, there are three places you want to be in Switzerland: Villa Honegg, Riffelalp Resort and Riffelhaus 1853. But the only last one is high enough and has the best view of the Matterhorn (compared to the Riffelberg).

15. Gornergratt and Matterhorn, Zermat - Valais

Gornergrat, Zermatt - best Instagram spot in Switzerland

The Matterhorn is on every postcard advertising Switzerland, and honestly, this mountain is beautiful. The best places to admire it are along the railways to the Gronergrat and the ridge itself. If you are fit and have proper shoes, you can take a walk from 3100 Kulm Hotel to the Hohtälli (Hohtälligrat walk) to have even better views. The hotel itself is also a good place to stop by - good food, splendid breakfast and 360 views on the highest alpine peaks.

The best Instagram photo spots of Zermatt are here. And please, don't miss the reflection in Riffelsee!

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15 best Instagram places in Switzerland

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